A brief study into the history of Nasheeds (Islamic songs)
"Nasheed" or "Anasheed" (plural) in its originality means poetry, but quickly became inclined towards a specific type of poetry where the poem is "sung with tune" Hence maturing into "Islamic Songs".

Nasheeds have always been around since the early Islamic days, poetry was the pride of the arabs in Mecca as they were experts in poetry. Little children were expected to be able to make complete stanzas on the spot in praise or criticism of anyone or anything, however at that time poetry was recited/sung through mere voice only. Poetry was integrated within the arabs’ daily speech, it was common within their marketplaces, recited at weddings, in front of kings and even used to criticise and curse. Poetry is powerful, and can reach hearts, and with the eloquence of the arabic language, poetry and Islam went hand in hand.

With the spreading of Islam, the arab culture of poetry also spread as many poems were in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him). A famous example of this that still lives on today in many variations is the ‘Qasida Burda’.

Because Islam spread to different countries where people spoke different languages (for example English), many muslims have decided to continue on the tradition of praising Allah and the prophet in their own languages, therefore Islamic "music" was born and nasheeds as we know it today is available in every possible language!

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